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With telecom technology evolving at a rapid pace, business managers are having a difficult time keeping up with all the changes. Businesses are facing important decisions on which technologies to implement, such as Voice over IP (VoIP), Web Conferencing Services, and IP-Based Phone Systems. They need to determine how to migrate from traditional voice communications services, T1s, PRIs and complicated customer premise telecom equipment to IP-based technologies that will foster productivity and cost benefits. Businesses need a transition plan - one that recognizes and factors in the value and use of the existing systems, the need to maintain business continuity, and financial resources.

How can your company be sure that you have the right services for the right cost?

A review of services and costs will often result in cost savings and improved service. Because telecommunications is a highly competitive field, public carrier and system rates and promotions are constantly changing. This evaluation requires up-to-date and comprehensive industry knowledge to ensure the right services are determined for your business at the best possible cost. TelTech can provide this service for you, eliminating the need to staff internally for it with the added benefit of having industry experts manage the process for you quickly and competently.

Who do you rely on to give you advice that serves your company's best interests?

TelTech Communication Services works with you in a way that fits your business. Our flexible solutions range from direct consulting service to no-obligation technology or service recommendations as well as recommendations on how to achieve savings on your vendor bills. TelTech only receives compensation from clients for our engineering, management, and consulting services. We do not receive any compensation from equipment manufactures or public carriers that we may recommend. Our recommendations are made solely with optimization of your company's communications services in mind.

Which new service or technology is going to improve your company's competitive performance?

New technologies can bring you more for less - and sometimes bring you more headaches too.

TelTech understands the need for business continuity. We recommend only services and products that we have proven experience with and know to be reliable. Further, we will work with you to assess and ensure you understand the benefit of telecom services and products to your business. Additionally, we help your company eliminate paying for services you don't need, and make recommendations on changes or additions to technologies that would result in lower operating costs and/or improved productivity.

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