About TelTech

TelTech Communications Services was established as a Telecommunications consulting firm in 1996. Since 1999, TelTech has provided all in-house telecom services for a major media company, and has established regular consultancy agreements with many other medium and large enterprises. TelTech consists of 20 highly qualified professionals, including degreed engineers, PBX administrators, and cellular experts. The company is located in New York City and Putnam County in New York State.

TelTech specializes in IP-based phone systems from the two largest providers—Avaya and Cisco. This provides us with the detailed knowledge base to explicitly understand how these systems would perform in your environment, and avoid costs that can be excluded from your application. We also have in-depth, extensive experience with traditional phone systems and services.

TelTech Communication Services receives no kickbacks or incentives from telecom service or system suppliers. Our independent and objective telecommunications consulting recommendations are based solely on your company's best interests and result from consideration of all available rates and plans.

To learn more about how TelTech Communication Services can add value to your business, please review the Business Consulting section of this site.

If there is any additional information you would like about our telecommunications consulting services, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@teltechcs.com or call 917-439-8202.








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